Parking Apps from Zack on Vimeo.

Some TechHive features warrant a little more time than the usual half-day edits, but still need to be finished in about two days. In this example, we extended our shooting to about four hours to get ample B-roll and spent the remaining time in edit. I produced and directed all stages of this piece.

  • Macworld/iWorld tradeshow
    Macworld/iWorld tradeshow
  • Home Field Advantage
    Home Field Advantage
  • IDG Editorial Brand Introduction
    IDG Editorial Brand Introduction
  • VR demo: Staff as experts
    VR demo: Staff as experts
  • Parking Apps
    Parking Apps
  • Wireless-Carrier Testing
    Wireless-Carrier Testing
  • PCWorld series: Hardcore Hardware
    PCWorld series: Hardcore Hardware
  • Sphero 2.0 Review
    Sphero 2.0 Review
  • Acura Lane Assistant
    Acura Lane Assistant
  • Launch Launch
  • PCWorld review: Alfa Romeo 4C
    PCWorld review: Alfa Romeo 4C
  • Razer R&D Visit
    Razer R&D Visit
  • Printing in 3D
    Printing in 3D
  • TechHive Launch Video
    TechHive Launch Video
  • Studio shoot: Basketball demo
    Studio shoot: Basketball demo
  • Field shoot: Satellite Internet
    Field shoot: Satellite Internet
  • CES Field Reports
    CES Field Reports
  • Macworld Thunderbolt Tricks
    Macworld Thunderbolt Tricks

About the author

  • Macworld/iWorld tradeshow
    Macworld/iWorld tradeshow
  • Neustar pre-roll series
    Neustar pre-roll series
  • Founder profiles: Rocketspace
    Founder profiles: Rocketspace
  • Founder profiles: Zoom
    Founder profiles: Zoom